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Welcome to the Help page of iPodVolumeBooster! This short program has a quite simple and inuitive User Interface.

Let me explain the major issues in this document anyway.

If anything refuses to work or if you have same doubts that the program is working properly, then please read the F.A.Q' s below.

The Userinterface

The major element to interact with iPodVolumeBooster consists of one dialog. You will find all major elements to deal with this program.
You can also alter the Preferences and open the iPod info window within this main panel.

The maindialog

According if you have mounted a iPod or not you will see one of these two images.

The left hand side says it all - "iPod not connected" and the picture on the right hand side will give you access to all controls to increase the Volume of your iPod.

Klicke auf mich für eine grössere Darstellung! Klicke auf mich für eine grössere Darstellung!
Click on a Picture to show a bigger image!

The iPod info window

Klicke auf mich für eine grössere Darstellung!
Click on the Picture to show a bigger image!

The Info panel tells you some more or less useful informations about your iPod.

This Informations will be available only if you have mounted an iPod.

Futher you can send this Infos to me if you have serious Problems. Just click on the Button "Send this Info to the Author" and iPodVolumeBooster will prepare an Email with the content of this Panel.

If you do so, please describe the problem you have as good as possible. So you have a good change that I can help you further.

The Preferences pane

The Settings are illustrated at the picture. The meaning of them are:

Use Sounds when Mounting/Unmounting
This Option will cause an accoustic feedback whenever you mount or unmount your iPod.

Check for new Programversions
If you check this mark, then iPodVolumeBooster will check for a new Programversion on every launch. This asumes a connection to the internet.

NOTE: If you experience long delays by starting iPodVolumeBooster, then you surelly have no connection to the internet at this Moment. iPodVolumeBooster will try to query my server for a new version for a maximum time of approx. a minute. Within this time the Program will not show the GUI. If you have such delays, then uncheck this Option and chooce the apropriate Menu Item to perform a Version Check when you are savely connected to the Internet instead.

Issue Battery Power in Volt but a Symbol
With this Option you can control a "hidden feature" of the 3rd Generation iPods. Pls. see the remarks below on "Customizing the Battery Status".

Show "Quickicon" in the Menubar
Decide if you want a short icon - the Menu Icon - to be shown in the Menubar.
Die Einstelloptionen von iPodVolumeBooster
Customizing the Battery Status
In Version 0.10 I've introduced a new feature which allows you to tell the iPod to issue the current state of the Battery not as a symbol but as a number. This Value is the estimated Voltage of the Battery. So don't blame me if this Information is not right, because I have no influence to how this Value is calculated, since this is a hidden feature of the iPod. ;-)

You can decide which kind of display you want by choosing the Option "Issue Battery Power in Volt but than a Symbol" in the Preferences pane (see above).

Actually you don't need to choose "Boost" to change this setting. It will work immediately whenever you change this option. But you will see the changes not before you disconnect the iPod!
475 means 4,75 Volts remaining power

The Menu

There is not much to say about the Menu. Its structure is shown on the right hand side.

However the Menu defines two shorcuts which are quite convenient:

Alle Titel auf dem iPod entsprechend der Einstellung im Hauptfenster boosten. Boost to a value according the sliders setting.
Alle Titel auf den Standardwert von iTunes Boosten (0) Eject (unmount) the iPod
Klicke auf mich für eine grössere Darstellung!
Click on the Picture to show a bigger image!

The Menu Icon

Whithin the Preferences Pane you can issue a Icon in the Menubar. Since Menu Icons are always present and reachable from every App, this Icon gives you the opportunity to boost very quickly out of every Application. So you can boost without getting the iPodVolumeBooster User interface in front.

This is very convenient if you want to boost out of iTunes before and after a resync for instance.

If you click on this Icon then your iPod will be boosted with the recent value which you have set by the slider in the User Interface


If you press SHIFT while you click on the Icon, then this has a special meaning. In this case iPodVolumeBooster will boost with a value of zero regardless of the value you have choosen in the User Interface.

This may be helpful if you do so before you start iTunes in order to fool it to prevent it to resynchronize all titles on your iPod in advance. Let me tell it the "resync-problem" is hard to solve and occurs only if you have told iTunes to maintainthe plalists on your iPod automatically (see the F.A.Q. wherein I addess this Issue).

Compared with the "conventional" way to boost by klicking on the GUIs Buttons or by choosing the apropriate Menuitem a Click to the Menu Icon will suppress any visual feedback and cause an audioible feedback to indicate that the boost went fine instead.

Accordingly you have monted an iPod or not, you will see a different blinking Icon in the menubar:

Dieses Icon wird angezeigt, wenn kein iPod gefunden wurde. Currently no iPod is mounted. You cannot boost now!
Dieses Icon wird angezeigt, wenn ein iPod angemeldet ist - ready to boost! There is an iPod connected and you may boost it by a click on this icon.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Question: May I damage my iPod permanently by using iPodVolumeBooster or iPodVolumeBoosterInstant ? Does this programs perform any permanent changes on my iPod, whic are not reversible?
Answer: Definitely not, because this programs just gains access to a database which is generated and maintained by iTunes.

This database (called iTunesDB) which resides on your iPod carries all the relation of each song to their Playlists. Further there exists en entry which is supposed to be as as an additional "amplification value" for every song (beside other interesting values) ;-)

iTunes will access and change this database whenever you add or remove a song on/ffrom your iPod.

Lets assume that iPodVolumeBooster will disrupt this database - what might be happen in the worst case?

Well, next time you gain access to iTunes in order to resync your iPod, The Jukebox will determine that the database is not valid anymore, because it depends on it. In this case it will just resync all the songs again and "repair" your database by just overwriting it with a new one.

As you can see, iPodVolumeBooster (and iPodVolumeBoosterInstant) does definitely *not* change any sensitive Parts within your iPod! They does not change the Firmware nor something in the iPods resident Memory area.

There is nothing which can be undone by a simply reboost in iTunes again. So dont care and give it a try! ;-)

Question: In Version 1.0 you have changed the scaling of the Volume from 0...40 to 0...100%. Why have you done this and how do I interpret this new scaling now?

Since I am working on iPodVolumeBooster I have learned that Values above +30 of the previous versions does not caused any further effective increase of the volume.

In the contrary - bigger values will cost you dynic range by choosing the Volume at you iPod.

For example: Asume you boost to +100 (which was just possible on V0.10). Then unmount the iPod and listen any piece of music. Did you recognize any further effective increase of volume when the VolumeBar on your iPod is over 40% percent. I've leraned no.

The remaining 60% the volume remains at the still quite loud level whithout any further increase. So I did some tests and learned, that +30 ist the maximum value which will cover the whole range of the iPods total scale to choose the volume.

In order to prevent any confusion in the future I decided to scale the Volume from 0...100%. 0% Means the Value 0 and +100% means +30 of the previous Versions.

older than V1.0
0% 0
10% +3
20% +6
30% +9
40% +12
50% +15
60% +18
70% +21
80% +24
90% +27
100% +30
Question: Now I have started iPodVolumeBooster V1.0 the first time and recognized, that the Boost Slider stands now at +100%.

But I have used +40 in the previous Version. I am confused - why is this value much more bigger? what happened?

Answer: Since Version 1.0 I have changed the volume scaling (pls. refer the issue above).

As you have started iPodVolumeBooster or iPodVolumeBoosterInstant the first time, the programs have adapted your old settings in order to reflect the new scaling scheme.

Because the scaling of the new version is now in Percent and its new maximal Value +100% means +30 of old versions your setting has been recalculated to the new scaling scheme automatically.

Asume you have used +40 in the previous version than this will now be +100% because +100% is limited to a vlaue of +30 of the old version. So the slider will now be at +100% in this case.

So don't be confused! If you boost with this new value as you see now, then everything is as it was in the previous version. ;-)

Question: Why have you removed the possibility to boost with negative Values since V1.0?
Answer: I dropped the negative values because there are not very useful. Negative values are makeing the iPod even quiter which is not the purpose of iPodVolumeBooster. Is there anybody out which needs this? If this is the case, then pls. drop me a note!
Question: After I have boosted my iPod and doing an resync with iTunes afterwards iTunes retransmits all songst to the iPod again. What happened?! This is quite annoying!

Well this is the default behaviour of iTunes. iTunes expects all Volume settings of all titles to be zero.

VolumeBooster changes all entries in the iTunesDB according your settings.

When you tell iTunes to synchronize (or if it does for itself because you tol it to do when it launches) then it first reads in this database. Then it recognizes some differences based on his expectations (Volume 0). Instead of just overwriting the tiny iTunes DB within the iPod it seems to asume some big trouble and reinitiates a retransmit of all songs!

By the way - this happens only if you told iTunes to maintain the Playlists of your iPod automatically.

You see these are some kind of eager security precautions from iTunes and I have just these advices as a "Workaround":

  • Tell iTunes to maintain the iPods playlists *manually*

  • Just Boost with a Value of 0 *before* you resync your iPod with iTunes and reboost afterwards. Since the value 0 is the expected value for iTunes it will not retransmit all songs if you do so in advance.

Let iTunes manage your songs manually

In order to switch iTunes to maintain the iPods Playlists manually, pls. follow this instructions:

Klicke auf mich für eine grössere Darstellung!
Click on the Picture to show a bigger image!
  • Attach your iPod to the Mac and start iTunes.
  • In iTunes you'll see an iPod shaped icon at he left hand sided playlist view.
  • Now press the 'ctrl' key on your keyboard and klick with the Mouse on this iPod Icon! (You may even use the right mousebutton if you have attached an appropriate mouse to your Mac)
  • A contextmenu will open. Herein select "iPod Options..."
  • Now you'll see a window which shows the options of your iPod.

Now you'll see a window which show the options of your iPod.

Please select here:

  • "Manually manage songs and playlists"

Up from now iTunes does not longer synchronizes the playlists of your iPod automatically rather than manually.

Manually in this terms mean that you'll need to drag&drop all the songs you wish to be loaded on your iPod up from now. Your iPod carries the Playlist which is not longer syncronized automatically!

Klicke auf mich für eine grössere Darstellung!
Click on the Picture to show a bigger image!

Question: iPodVolumeBooster claims that there is no iPod Connected despite I can use it in iTunes!
Answer: The reason for this is that the iPod has not been enabled as a disc.

However iPodVolumeBooster just "sees" iPod which are mounted as a standard harddisk drive!

In such a case, pls. do the following:

Make all the steps as written in "Let iTunes manage your songs manually" and doublecheck, that you have checked the Option "Enable disc use" too!

After you have done this iPodVolumeBooster will recognize your iPod as expected.

As a nice sideffect you'll be able to use your iPod as a regular harddisk drive as well. Now you should see an drive image on your Desktop too.

Question: Do I need to run iPodVolumeBooster after I have put some new songs on my iPod?
Answer: Yes, because your iPod maintains the Volume level for every title on your iPod individually for each song. If you add a/some new song(s) then this particular song(s) will have the default Value which is not boosted compared with the remaining ones.

In order to amplify this as the other ones you mus call bzw.iPodVolumeBooster (or iPodVolumeBoosterInstant) again after you have eventually retransmit a new song!

I reccomend to use bzw.iPodVolumeBoosterInstant because I wrote this for the sake "Start-Boost-Quit" ;-)

Question: I cannot recognize any changes in the volume level despite bzw.iPodVolumeBooster claims that everything went fine!
Answer: In this case, I'm quite confident that iTunes has resynced all the titles after you have boosted them by bzw.iPodVolumeBooster. Please doublecheck if you have switched iTunes to "Manually manage songs and playlists".

Please refer the Instructions on "Let iTunes manage your songs manually" to do so and try it again afterwards.

This side has been revised on Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Author of this side: Hans-Peter Dusel • An der Dreifaltigkeit 9 • 89331 Burgau • GERMANY •